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american 1
american 2
american agave
american alligator
american aloe
american angelica tree
american antelope
american arborvitae
american arrowroot
american aspen
american badger
american baptist convention
american barberry
american basswood
american beech
american bison
american bittern
american bittersweet
american black bear
american blight
american bog asphodel
american brooklime
american buffalo
american bugbane
american capital
american centaury
american chameleon
american cheese
american chestnut
american civil war
american cockroach
american columbo
american coot
american copper
american crab apple
american cranberry
american cranberry bush
american crayfish
american creeper
american cress
american crow
american dewberry
american dog tick
american dog violet
american dogwood
american dream
american dwarf birch
american eagle
american egret
american elder
american elk
american elm
american english
american falls
american featherfoil
american federalist party
american federation of labor
american federation of labor and congress of industrial organizations
american feverfew
american flag
american flagfish
american fly honeysuckle
american flying squirrel
american football
american football game
american foxhound
american frogbit
american gallinule
american gentian
american germander
american ginseng
american gray birch
american green toad
american grey birch
american hackberry
american harvest mouse
american hazel
american hellebore
american holly
american hop
american hornbeam
american indian
american indian day
american indian language
american ivy
american kestrel
american labor party
american lady crab
american language
american larch
american laurel