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Chemical compound   /kˈɛməkəl kˈɑmpaʊnd/   Listen
Chemical compound

(chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight.  Synonym: compound.

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"Chemical compound" Quotes from Famous Books

... or after the hardening process, of impurities producing discoloration, by the action of a bath of melted chloride or sodium, or other chemical compound operating in like manner. ...
— Scientific American, Vol. 17, No. 26 December 28, 1867 • Various

... the man of business, observing, with enthusiasm, that the air of the Swiss mountains, mixed in equal parts with that of the London diamond-fields, would cure any disease under the sun. His former patient heartily agreed with him, but said that the medicine in question was not a mere mixture but a chemical compound, containing an element higher than the mountains and deeper than the diamond-fields, without which the cure would ...
— Rivers of Ice • R.M. Ballantyne

... late years, and the various forms of nitro-compounds are gradually replacing the older forms of explosives, both for blasting purposes and also for propulsive agents, under the form of smokeless powders. The nitro-explosives belong to the so-called High Explosives, and may be defined as any chemical compound possessed of explosive properties, or capable of combining with metals to form an explosive compound, which is produced by the chemical action of nitric acid, either alone or mixed with sulphuric acid, upon ...
— Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise • P. Gerald Sanford

... in the air—some ethereal spirit, if you please—which instituted it, and advanced the following problem: "Nitrous oxide gas is composed of the same elements as ordinary air, with a larger equivalent of oxygen, except it is a chemical compound, not a mechanical mixture, and its anaesthetic effects are said to be due to the excess of oxygen. If this be a fact, then why can you not produce a similar effect by rapid breathing for a minute, more or less, by which a larger quantity of oxygen is presented ...
— Scientific American Supplement No. 275 • Various

... sulphide. Such substances are called chemical compounds, and differ from mechanical mixtures in that the substances producing them lose their own characteristic properties. We shall see later that the two also differ in that the composition of a chemical compound never varies. ...
— An Elementary Study of Chemistry • William McPherson

... is a great chemical compound, and its chemical character is ascertained (as in the case of plants) by analyzing it, or taking ...
— The Elements of Agriculture - A Book for Young Farmers, with Questions Prepared for the Use of Schools • George E. Waring

... begin with the study of the atom. Man's life we have seen to be the aggregate of the work of all the cells of his body. But the protoplasm which composes his cells is a chemical compound, and hence subject to all the laws of all the atoms of which it is composed. And its molecules, or the smallest mechanically separable compounds of these atoms, are arranged and related according to the laws of physics, ...
— The Whence and the Whither of Man • John Mason Tyler

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